He was born in a religious family in Rahnan city of Isfahan. His date of birth is: 1962.
He spent the course of primary and guidance school in his birthplace and the secondary education at the martyr ‘seddeeqi’ high school that is Located on the city center of Isfahan.
He registered at religious school of Isfahan – Tholfaqar school – in 1982 and he educated there different studies even the high level (Kharej course for one year). He married in 1985. Then he entered the scientific and religious school of Qom (Hawzah) in 1990 and he took part in great jurisprudent’s lesson: Fazel Lankarani, Makarem Sheerazi, Ma’rifat, Salehi Mazandarani and Wahid Khorasani.
He defended successfully of his religious jurisprudence thesis in Hawzah and synchronously he graduated from specialty course of Tafsir (Quranic Interpretation) in Hawzah and Ph.D of Hadith and Quranic sciences at inquiry sector of Islamic free university

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